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Monday, 16 September 2013

OOTD || Outfit Of The Day || Autumn 2013

Outfit of the day, styling levi shorts, miss selfridge, autumn trends 2013

Its been a while since I've taken any outfit of the day posts, and I have to say I felt a bit strange getting back in front of the camera (something I need to get use to).
I think its safe to say Autumn is officially here, if this continuous rain and wind is anything to go by.
Seeing as I was going shopping and for a bit of lunch, I went for a casual look then popped on some simple (and comfortable) black heels.

I wasn't going to let a bit of rain stop me from showing some leg, but if I'm honest I was FREEZING my butt off, so excuse the awkward faces.If your a bit more sensible than me, and you still want to rock your denim shorts then throw on some tights, that way you wont get stares from horrified passers by. (they just don't get being fashion forward lol)

So enjoy these pictures which I forced my friends to take.. 
Outfit details at the end of the post.

cable knit jumper, ootd, primark, burgundy beanie, denim shorts, styling outfit
Ruby Woo, red lipstick, drugstore matt lipstick, collection 2000, cherry pop, MAC
Beach outfit, ombre hair, black jumper, zara heels
Michael Kors watch, rose gold, high waisted shorts
what I'm wearing, how to style shorts, winter, fall outfits, highstreet fashion, on a budget
look for less, ootd, your never fully dressed without a smile, fashion quote, beauty quote, fashion guru, black court shoes
   Jumper- Miss Selfridge || Beanie- Primark || Heels- Zara || Shorts- Miss Selfridge || Watch- Michael Kors

Is anyone else still rocking shorts or is it time to put them away??

Sunday, 21 July 2013

DIY Floral Envelope Cushion|| Makeover Sunday's..

floral, cushion, diy, budget, home, bedroom, decor

So I have literally been decorating my room for the last 5 weeks, and yes I'm still living out of my suitcase, since I returned from university. It's been such a long process, I though it would be as simple as painting some walls. Little did I know the horrors hidden beneath my yellow Victorian wallpaper.

Having never decorated before I thought it would be so easy to find bedroom decor on a budget. I was sadly mistaken when I found the price for a nice fluffy cushion was in the range on £10 to £20. ( now that is daylight robbery).

Being a student and knowing the value of money (after living off tinned beans for a week), I decided to be savvy and attempt my own cushion cover from bits lying around my house.
Here is how I got on:

I have to admit I didn't end up measuring anything as it was becoming so frustrating and I hate numbers. So I literally just wrapped my cushion with the material, leaving 2 inches around the edges for sewing. Then I just sewed away, and for a lot of guess work it turned out pretty cute.
I ended up doing an envelope cushion, so I'm able to change the covers all year round. If you would like a more detailed review there are lots of tutorials on YouTube.

So here you have it, an ultra cute, floral (vintage) cushion. I think it adds a really warm feel to my simple minimalistic, white and black room. I'm currently using mine for my dressing chair, but I'll be making more to jazz up my bed. This literally cost me £2 which was the price of the material ( enough to make 4 cushions). Remember to check out your local fabric shops for fun patterns or even use some old bed sheets.

 I'm going to be doing a DIY post every Sunday, hence the name Makeover Sundays :)

If you try this DIY tip, then please let me know how it turned out. Happy sewing!!

Friday, 19 July 2013

BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Review..

Hi-Shine, Lychee, fashion blogger, beauty products, favourite nail products, superdrugs, product review
If your a bit like me, then you love no fuss nails. I never have the time to go sit for 30 mins to and hour for gels or acrylics.
I'm not usually one for nudes, its either bright colours or nothing, as I'm always scared it wont suit my complexion.

I can truly say that I am slightly in love with this colour lychee. It reminds me of a really milky vanilla latte ha ha (for you Starbucks fans).

It was really easy to apply with a nice thick brush, meaning you can get away with perfect nails in one coat. I did find that one coat looked a bit streaky but that could have been my shaky hands. I ended up applying 2 coats, which covered my nails with a lovely glossy finish.

However there are some bad points, like a lot of other reviews I've read I found it took a while to dry between coats. As I'm never still for more than 5 mins, I need a nail polish which is fast drying, so I can be carefree and confident it wont smudge or chip.

For any of you girlie's who want to combat this, my all time favourite nail product is the Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri). A clear anti chip top coat which leaves your nails touch dry in 30 seconds. Remember those times your going to an event/dinner/to see friends, and your rushing because your already an hour late, this product is my life saver. I can literally have my nails painted and dried in 5 mins, no smudge, no mess!!!!

Here are some pictures after 2 coats of BarryM Lychee and one coat of my Sally Hansen. Apart from issues with drying, I would recommend this nail polish to anyone looking for a cute nude colour for the summer. I would rock this colour to work or for leisure, that's what I love most about it, I find it versatile to all occasions.

painting nails, top coat, product review, primark ring, pointy nails
(Excuse the wrinkly fingers)
sally hansen, insta-dri, clear coat, nail varnish, fast dry,

           You can find the BarryM Hi-Shine products at most beauty/drug stores for £3.99.
                Have any of you tried the new BarryM products? Leave your views below.
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Sunday, 4 November 2012

November Wishlist...

1. Khaki Jacket with PU Leather Sleeves  
Really loving that the whole military trend is back this season. I think this jacket is a must have for any wardrobe, especially because you can either dress it up with a pair of gorgeous heels, or just throw on some ankle boots for a more casual day look.

2. YSL Rouge Couture Mat
The red lips are a timeless classic essential for this autumn. Whether its a dark romantic red for a sexy look or even a deep berry for a more dramatic pop of colour. The red lips will suit any age so make sure you find your perfect match this winter.

I've been looking round for the perfect studded handbag that's great for any occasion. This black PU leather handbag with gold studs and detachable shoulder handles, is so elegant but edgy at the same time. It is the perfect size to fit all my essentials and will definitely be a favourite purchase for the fall. 

I went crazy when I saw the Chloe Fall collection studded ankle boots and I really wanted to get my hands on a pair, but after seeing the price I was determined to find an alternative until I could afford them. These Office Nighthawk Boots are nearly an exact match at a fraction of the price. I'd recommend any fashionista out there to purchase a pair.

I have wanted one of these for a long time to add to my arm candy. These are a sweet statement piece to wear alongside a nice gold watch or some chunky jewellery  They come in a range on colours but I think the black will sit well with any outfit I choose.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pink Pleats..

I wore this cute light pink pleated dress (Kate Moss Collection) to an early dinner at the most amazing Sea Food Restaurant. The view where we sat was stunning and I totally pigged out. Even though it was pricey it was worth every penny. Afterwards decided to take some pictures before the sun went down. It was a total battle against the wind, so I'm glad I managed to get a few pictures ,(even dipped my toe in the sea).

Dress: Mango
Blazer: New Look
Handbag: New Look
Pumps: Topshop
Watch: DKNY

Friday, 22 June 2012

New Things..


Wooh! It feels good to be back blogging again. It literally has been months but those dreaded end of year exams have past. These photo's have been quite random, it just felt so great to pick up my camera and do something I love. These are just a few new things I've got recently.

1) Zara Shoes (Literally everyone has these--AMAZING)
2) Chanel No 5
3) DKNY Watch and Drop Earrings
4) Ring and Chunky Bracelet (Miss Selfridge) 

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