Thursday, 29 December 2011


Here is a sneek peek at some of the things I've literally been wearing everyday. That's the thing with me, when I love something I over wear its, then get bored (so means more shopping). I've definitely decided for the new year i'll make better decisions about my purchases so I build a a collection of clothes for each season. Its the end of my teens soon, I think its time my style of dressing was a bit more mature.

1) Moschino  Belt
2) Brogues- (River Island)
3)DKNY Watch and Thomas Sabo Bracelet 
4)Barbour Jacket
5) Spiked Shoes (Topshop)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I know it's late but hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas.
So what are the plans for New Years?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Did You Miss Me...?

Hey Dolls,

Yes I know its been too long. But let me tell you, being a Law student IS NOT EASY! I've been so hung up with coursework and assignments that I haven't really had time to blog.

But its CHRISTMAS!!!!! Really glad for the little break I have before the rush of exams *hides face*

I hope you've done all your Christmas shopping (because I sure haven't). I'm cutting it very short this year, but i'll be sure to post some of the things I bought.

Have you noticed the blog name change..? I wasn't feeling the old one anymore!! 

Let me leave you with a little picture a friend took of me, I was feeling totally fierce in the cold weather *giggles*

Until next time...

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