About Me

Hello EVERYONE. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog.

I'm Keisha, a  Law student with a passion (coming on obsession) with fashion and anything photography and style related.
I wont bore you with the long details, but having been inspired by the many bogs I read religiously everyday, I've come to the conclusion that I may actually have something to contribute!

As I make my way through life, I'm constantly being inspired by things around me and I feel this blog is a way for you to share a small piece of my crazy world with me :) !!!
I cant promise to blog everyday, but when I do, I hope I can at least inspire one of my readers.

I love your comments and feedback so don't forget to leave me comments/requests and find me on:
EMAIL ME AT: stylebykk@hotmail.co.uk

BYE xoxo
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