Thursday, 4 August 2011

And The Adventure Begins...

After much deliberation, (pulling my hair out) wondering if I can make it in the world of blogging, I've finally decided to peruse something I'm so passionate about. 
I wont bore you with the long details, but having been inspired by the many blogs I read religiously every day, and my tumblr being a way for me to express myself, I've come to the conclusion (correct me if I'm wrong) that i may actually have something to contribute.

I won't make empty promises, or tell you I have any idea where my blog will be going, but I do know over time I will find myself, with your help. (If anyone even reads this) haha. 
Excited yet?? hmmm maybe not
But I look forward to sharing and growing with you guys. And in some way inspire others to follow their dreams. I think I may just be cut out for this blogging ish.. hehehe

Thanks for reading, Leave comments, And most of all come back again for the next post :D

Kodak Closet

1 comment:

  1. I am also new to blogging and I hope that it will teach me more about myself and my style!!


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